Sharing the interview process at Aquakleen Products Reviews

Posted By on Feb 22, 2017 |

How I applied to Aquakleen’s job post?

I applied online through their website because I saw an ad on Craigslist that they were hiring. It took about 20 minutes. A former coworker and friend of mine who works as a technician installing Aquakleen products also told me I should apply so I used him as a recommendation.

How was the interview?

I had the job interview a week later down at their HR offices. The interview was one-on-one with a hiring manager. The interview began promptly on time and was held in a large conference room. The first thing I noticed when I entered the room was several Aquakleen products spread out on the table. We began the interview discussing my resume (which the interviewer came prepared with) and answering any follow-up questions he had about my experience and certifications. The second part of the interview was when he laid out in detail the job requirements, hours, salary, and specifically what my position would be within the company. I followed up with any questions I had that needed clarification and the interviewer was knowledgeable and helpful. The final part of the interview was when he addressed all the Aquakleen products that had been sitting out on the table. He casually explained to me the different top selling Aquakleen products that I would be working with and installing if I got the job. I got to play around with each Aquakleen product on the table and ask questions if needed, which I thought was really cool and made me hopeful I would get the job. The entire interview took about an hour from start to finish.



Interview Questions:

Basic questions about my resume, work history, strengths/weaknesses. I was asked if I was comfortable with providing quality customer service and how well and quickly I can adapt to using new tools and equipment and to provide examples of times I successfully demonstrated this.



I received a call with an offer about one week later. The offer was for the exact job I had interviewed for and the salary was the same as what we had discussed in the interview with Aquakleen Products Review.