Aquakleen Reviews: Helping Planet Earth, One Water Filter at a Time

Posted By on Sep 18, 2018 |

How health, wealth, and the environment are affected by plastic bottles

On average, Americans spend approximately $13 billion on bottled water a year. While purchasing a plastic water bottle here and there for convenience may seem harmless to some, in the long run the results can have a major impact on the environment. At Aquakleen reviews, we recognize that plastic water bottle consumption is not a sustainable path for planet Earth, and we are eager to educate consumers about great solutions to lower this nation-wide habit by use of Aquakleen products.

Water bottles hide hidden dangers in large quantities.

Water Bottles: The Downside

Aquakleen reviews is acutely aware of how plastic waste is only recycled by consumers 23% of the time, which means that 77% of plastic water bottles are thrown away and wasted every year, gathering and piling high in landfills and in the ocean. When one looks at the statistics and figures, it is difficult not to notice that our society’s plastic habit is a real issue that is not helping the environment.

In addition to contributing to mass quantities of physical waste, most plastic bottles are also carriers of harmful chemicals called Bisphenol A or BPA and polyethylene terephthalate or PET. Although drinking small quantities of these chemicals are not toxic, over the long run the accumulation of this industrial chemical can infect clean water supplies as well as cause negative health issues in the human body by affecting hormonal balance among other health-related concerns.

Because of this, Aquakleen products offer an additional benefit from the breakdown of plastic consumer waste that has found its way into certain water sources. Aquakleen reviews and tests all of our filters to ensure that the water you consume is safe for you, your family, and planet Earth. Furthermore, by eliminating toxic impurities, Aquakleen consumers can rest assured that they are contributing to their overall health and well-being.

What are Aquakleen Consumers Saying?

When Aquakleen customers were asked about their plastic consumption since purchasing Aquakleen filtration systems for their home, an overwhelming 95% mentioned that they had not purchased plastic water bottles since installing the filter in their homes. Aquakleen consumers have chosen to utlize re-usable stainless steel or glass water bottles that they fill directly from their kitchen sink water filter. This option provides an affordable solution for “water on the go” and also helps to reduce excessive environmental waste.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, not only is the refreshing and clean taste of the purified water a benefit to Aquakleen customers’ households, but also the satisfaction that they are reducing plastic waste by the purchase of their at-home water filtration systems. By investing in a sustainable solution for their home, they are not only saving money and providing a safe drinking water source for their home, but they are also contributing to creating sustainable solution awareness among their family and friends. In order to reduce plastic water bottle waste, everyone needs to do their part in order to educate and generate awareness for this increasingly harmful environmental concern. By investing in an Aquakleen filtration system for your home, you are helping planet Earth, one less plastic bottle at a time.