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Aquakleen products use a method recognized among the great technological inventions of this era, Reverse Osmosis treats water at the molecular level. The method Reverse Osmosis denotes a significant step beyond filters of any sort. You can feel sure that the complete spectrum of pollutants is extracted including those excess dissolved salts. That’s why large bottled water corporations use it.
We have blended this excellent Reverse Osmosis method with other quality elements to create a compressed drinking water appliance that fits easily under your kitchen sink.
By squeezing regular tap water (using your house water pressure) upon a special membrane, purified water molecules are separated from contaminants. What’s even more remarkable is that these expelled pollutants are automatically rinsed down the drain leaving bottled quality water for you that’s fresh, clean, and refreshing.
It gives you with an ample supply of the essential quality water from its own beautiful spigot. We can also connect your icemaker and refrigerator water dispenser!
If you are curious in ALKALINE WATER, Aquakleen has the answer. Our Alkaline filter added to our Aquatap SQC 5000 Drinking Water System, gives you all the advantages of Alkaline Water you deserve. We have received excellent Aquakleen products reviews and more are to come. The excellent Aquakleen reviews show the quality of our products.

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Pick your own unique color. Our Aquakleen designer faucets are available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Chrome or Satin Nickel and are produced to the highest industry standards. NSF Certified materials and stainless steel construction with a ceramic disc for positive shut-off. Please review Aquakleen products when you try them.